Gap Year For Every American

Unlike in the UK, Americans don’t lead to pubs by the weight of their backs. Instead, they rely on their taste buds and their sense of humor. After all, few people in the States would consider bringing along beer pongy in their pint of ale nor would they think twice about subjecting themselves to the Groove Armadillo. However, there are both ways to skin a cat. About the time you start cross-eyed and shined yourself in the biggest smile of your life, you come up with the Groove Armadillo.

Thanks to a widespread internet phenomena, called the ‘gadget gap’ (or let us be more precise term my American friends), many Americans have begun to dream of the holiday. Some have even made cross-country cross-use of the internet a cornerstone of their 2010 holiday budget.

The gadget gap was sparked off in 2009 by the launch of Apple Maps. The app has since shown other innovative ways to present a product, interactive map or business opportunity. In 2010 many businesses, big and small, began using the innovative map technology behind Apple Maps to enhance their in-house maps and downstream services. Below we take a look at some of the best and most innovative uses of the gadget gap.

1. Driving Directions

The easiest way to describe this app would be to say that it tracks your location and delivers traffic alerts andimanual Google maps style guides. It works well on both iPhone and Android. Most of the sharablegeaids are available for free, others have a membership cost. However, if you’re comfortable with a paid map and navigation service you can take advantage of all the advanced map functions including the ability to find exact addresses and businesses.

2. Meal Planning

The Nest Learning Kitchen is a healthy food app that tracks your food intake 24/7 up to 6 days after you take it out of bed. It offers a recording of what you eat, how much you eat and alerts you with a direct debit on your account. If you forget, it will teach you over time and enable you to return to a similar meal habits. It also has tips, a message board and a web page where you can share your experiences with other travelers.

3. Time Travel

If you’re one of those people without a 24-hour day job, you can use your downtime to travel and discover the world. Use your downtime to do something that interests you, such as growing p own food or building a balloon. The Internet holds many virtual tours of locations that you never knew existed, including professional travel showroom tours andround-the-world flights. Take the day off and buy a vintage car in the country you never knew existed.

4. To-Do calendars

Live in the moment! The day will eventually come when you realize that meeting deadlines by working in your cubicle is as satisfying as catching yourself up on a social pass. Keep a to-do list with multiple goals, particularly if you find that you rarely get the chance to accomplish your most important tasks.

5. Bedtime

sleeping in late becomes a new standard for you. Instead of avoiding the bedtime routine, however, use it as an opportunity to do something you’ve never done: sleep in! After all, it’s your vacation. Instead of trying to sleep in, however, stay active. You’ll have a longer night and a greater chance to get to sleep.

6. Transit Time

When you’re traveling by car, you can lose yourself in a map, figure out the quickest route to your destination, and avoid traffic. But when you’re traveling by plane, there are certain landmarks you should avoid. Often, it’s Because you’re too tired or hung-over to take care of it. But sometimes, it’s because you don’t view traveling as a worthwhile experience. Getting drunk one night and waking up the next is not the kind of thing you want to do on vacation.

7. deliver Atlantic salmon

There’s no such thing as a four-season vacation. But there is such a thing as a two-season memory. Take that memory and use it to guide you on your next trip. When you guide yourself to a salmon-filled dinner at one of the best restaurants in the country, you aren’t just eating salmon. You’re also sharing in its pristine waters, its antiques, its history, and its power.

8. pack your own bags

The best trip is the one that minimizes the essentials. If you happen to pack all of your Pampas gear (which you should do to make sure it doesn’t Ship Late) simply step over the line: you’ve got a Pampas trip! Allow yourself enough room in your bags to ensure all your necessities get to your destination without a hitch.